Have you subscribed to the Real Doordarshan?

 The Doors and meaning of Life: Spiritual Ruminations

Factually speaking, Doordarshan has topped all the TV channels and defied negative projections from critics, that replaying episodes of the epic Ramayana Serial, may not attract the spoilt for choice Indian Television viewers.

In fact, it was the most viewed serial with 77 Million views as on 16th of April 20* ( I have deliberately placed an asterisk, it means 20, for superstitious reasons) ( (Source: https://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/77-mn-viewers-ramayan-breaks-records-becomes-world-s-most-watched-show-120050100420_1.html)

A Still Image from the popular Ramayana Serial by the legend Sri Ramanand Sagarji

In a sense, our egoistic thoughts found semblance with Ravana, the intellectual but megalomaniac demon, who thought that he had and knew it all. He was later humbled by Lord Rama. We are now humbled by Doordarshan. The similarity? We humans have not learnt our lessons even after 6000 years.

We were wrong again. But, as always, we have a definite possibility and chance for self-reflection on the choices of life that truly matters.

On not succumbing to our inherent cognitive bias.

In believing that we are just mere puppets in the hands of the divine.

It took us so long to know our helplessness that even a virus can bring us down on our knees. The thought like “we belong to the top of the food chain” does not matter anymore.

I loved watching the Ramayana. It also taught me to revisit my choice of subscribing to the right Doordarshan. Not the channel… I am talking about the Doors.

Yes, you read it right. I meant doors. Surprised? I too was initially while penning down my thoughts, but was surprised at how a simple door can help us learn about life, calibrate our attitudes and gauge our perceptions.

So, enough of peeping through the windows of the Digital world. Let me now give you a much larger view of life through the doors and what it might actually mean from a lateral point of view.

1. The Door Frame representing “US”

The Door signifies who we are at this present moment in time. All the knowledge, relationships, material possessions and wealth that we have created seems invincible.

People also deck up the door with mango leaves and flowers. But, all that is superficial. The true aura comes from positivity by the people who stay in it and not how magnificent the door is or how ornately it is decorated.

We ignorantly feel that we are the strongest, and take great pride, However, we are controlled by things which are smaller than us. But, have you ever noticed that it’s not the doors but the walls which are the strongest. Ignoring the major purpose, which is to guard the room representing our mind and hidden desires, we tend to lose ourselves in our own ignorance. Do not forget, as the rooms with expensive materialistic possessions, represented by our desires are targeted first by dacoits.

Let’s, therefore, move from being mind full to mindful and take care of the room that we guard by making the right choices and serving the master.

2. The Door Hinge representing “Friends and Relatives”

All that we seemingly own are supported by family and friends. Often, these hinges are unseen and therefore ignored. We often tend to not care much about them, But the wise understand and frequently remind themselves that they cannot stand the pressures of the world without their crucial support.

3.The Door Handle representing our “Emotions”

We often give control of our happiness and our emotions in the hands of others. The firm belief in ourselves, whilst also being open and optimally sensitive to the needs of others is the key to a happy life.

You may have the fake grandeur of being strong and significant, but a small thing/ incident can either move you or shut you down. Remember, the door handle is powerless if left alone. It only works when used by others.

4.The Door Bolt representing our “False Priorities”

It signifies our priorities, besides attitudes and beliefs. The very nature of the human being is to safeguard themselves as well as people who matter. We go to great lengths to fulfil our priorities.

But, they make a stand where we are and often give us a false perception that they are enough to protect us, which may not be the case. At the end of it, they are too insignificant when considered alone or in a group.

5. The Door Stopper representing our “Vulnerabilities”

We think that we have gone quite far and travelled quite a lot of distance in life, achieving it all, however, we are more vulnerable to failure than success if we enjoy the fruits of the materialistic world.

The moment we think that we are on top of the world, it is these vulnerabilities that bring us and our lives to a screeching halt. And yes, these may be a self-made or the act of God as represented by the current situation of the viral pandemic.

Someone as strong as gates became popular through his windows. I, with minimal gyaan, want to offer you alternate perspectives through my view of doors.

Wanna walk with me? I will attempt to take you across to the untapped world of infinite possibilities, bliss and exuberance.

The only difference, you may not make me rich!

So, before you virtually show me the doors… Wishing you a goodbye
Spiritually Speaking: As a doctor, I believe in medication, but as a human being and for seeking to know the unknown, I believe in meditation.

****Jai Sri Ram****

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  1. Beautiful Analogy during the perfect time!


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