A Fish and A Wish

I stare at the solitary fish, the only one in the aquarium,

Swimming in true bliss… Aloof from the unrest of the current world

I envy her freedom in the tiny water glass,

As I have the entire earth to roam around but can’t move beyond the concrete walls  


I was unhappy that I had no wings to fly,

Someone then created a metal bird supporting me to hop around 

I thought I was invincible…

I felt I had everything…


My race then sneezed,

Annoying the sleeping mother Divine

She now has my ears squeezed,

I now wince in desperation with hands folded


Excuse me my mother,

For I have battered you

Give me a last chance, 

To bring back your smile


Trust me as I have my daughter on my lap,

Who also wants to grow in your shade 

I promise to distance her from anything man made,

To love, respect and never again make you weep,

I pay my obeisance to you before I and my family go to sleep !

2 responses to “A Fish and A Wish”

  1. Vasudha Deshpande Avatar
    Vasudha Deshpande

    Beautifully narrated


  2. Sarosh Zaiwalla Avatar
    Sarosh Zaiwalla

    Excellent and true🙏


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