Alas, new tyres deck my car’s wheels

I am very particular in keeping my Swift car in an impeccable condition. Although it celebrated its sixth birthday, it feels as if I had acquired this prized possession just yesterday.

Owning the first car permanently bundles the deepest of your emotions with it for the rest of your  of your lifetime. The sheer sense of pride that comes along is unmatchable to any other materialistic possession of our lives. I recall the celebrations that followed in my home when the car was delivered. The temple priest devotionally performed the vahana pooja and pocketed great monetary fortunes from my relatives. It felt though he was paid, it was a ticket to secure a seat for a joyful ride in the brand new car.  

But six years ago, the journey had just began. I had to reach several milestones in the driving journey of my life.

Hope, memories, experiences and expectations were the four wheels to forge a life long driving relationship between me and my car.

However, its been 6 years since the car was bought and I had travelled 40K KMs. It was the right time to service the car, if not buy a new one!

The car was scheduled for the service at 40K KMs at the authorised service centre. I had pinned high hopes of receiving my car in a spick and span condition. It did, but only on the cosmetic front.

The engine roared to life with ease but when I started accelerating the car beyond 40KM/h, I started hearing a rattling noise as if I am in caged in a noisy helicopter.

I called up the service guy and explained him my ordeal. He politely agreed to fix the cars problem either at my home or workstation the next day by the mobile car service team

The car was finally checked by a Service by the Roadside team but to my utter dissatisfaction. They were unable to identify the source of this noise. This happened when I spent around INR 15K for the car service.  

With utter dismay, I decided to drive down to the neighborhood mechanic. He was indeed an expert who readily identified the front right tyre that had worn off. It turned me hysterical.

“Saar, yaha pe hain problem… Tyre badalwaana hoga” said the expert Ramu. It churned mixed reactions within me. One, I was happy that the problem was finally identified and two, I could see the expenses heaping up, yet again.

My office boss cum mentor had once mentioned that the tyres are one of the most important components of a car. When measured through a ruler, the actual contact surface between the tyre and the road is that of an A4 size paper.  

It was finally decided that the tyres had to be changed. Not one, but all the four. The car was my baby after all!

I zeroed down on the Continental tyres based on the suggestion of my friends and the local tyre expert. The benchmark set by them was high.

“Saar, these companies tyres are fitted in BMWs and AUDIs” told the mechanic as a seasoned expert. I could feel the sincerty in his voice.

Almost parallely, I was guided by my conscience “Amol, you can’t afford to buy a premium car, atleast uske tyre to lagwaalo!” echoed my inner self.

I readily accepted. “What a sales narrative these guys have parrotted I thought within myself” I thought to myself.

After the tyres were changed, it felt as if organ transplantations were done. The experience of driving my car with the brand new tyres was simply awesome. It was as if I was levitating like a bullet train as compared to the bumpy rides that almost broke my back while driving with the old tyres.

My car glided through the road like a chunk of butter on a hot pan. Simply loved it. So smooth… It was utterly butterly drivilicious.  

Now that I have upsized it, I now plan to upgrade it to Mag wheels in a couple of months. It is now with a sense of pride that I drive my Maruti Swift hatchback to the office.

Meanwhile, I get an email from Gruhamantri/my wife “Dear Hubby, let’s plan for an outing into the wild and I will pay for the expenses, as I know you may have gone broke with these expenses” A footnote at the end of the mail had a link to the Jungle Resorts in a hill station of Tamil Nadu.

The trip is now freezed and I will soon hit the road to blaze new trails and screech the offroad with the new tyres.

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  1. Indeed a simple write up, enjoyed reading this


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