Bundled Clothes for our Bundle of Joy

I have closely witnessed how people make purchase decisions about their clothes. Few factors include the latest fashion trends, enviously watching their friends choices, media commercials, offers from the e-commerce firms and yes, even the indirect influence of movies that tempt and influence our fashion statements, and how they make way into our wardrobes.

However, one emotional event fully changed the layout of clothes in my wardrobe. After my daily early morning prayers, I witnessed a strange and unique incident in my life. When I opened my wardrobe, I could see that a number of tiny clothes were neatly stacked right at the center.

In fact, under my breath I thanked my dear wife for purchasing these colorful hankies!

I asked her “Rajalakshmi, what are these?” She replied with a quirky smile  “Watch it closer. This is something that we have been longing for a while, which an irresponsible father like you will never understand!”

Bespectacled as I am, I quickly hunted for my spectacles. As I wondered what these clothes could be, it immediately struck to me that these could be the tiny clothes to welcome our bundle of joy.

However, I had  to check it closely. As I wear my spectacles for a detailed inspection of the clothes, my vision turned foggy, and I kept cursing the quality of my newly bought spectacles, only to realize that I had tears welled up in my eyes. These were infact the just born baby clothes, that Rajalakshmi had brought to welcome a new member in our family.

This event struck a chord in my heart. I instantly had a flash dream about my kiddo crawling around the house, hugging me with it’s squishy hands and squeaking Paapa… Paapa.. all the day along!!

“Rajalakshmi, aren’t these clothes for the baby that we are soon expecting?” I retorted emotionally.

But then, I strongly objected “Why did you keep it in my wardrobe?”

Rajalakshmi politely replied “I wanted you to have an internal dialogue, on the responsible preparation that you should have for welcoming our kid into this beautiful world!

“What preparation? The Obstetrician says that you are due for delivery in another 5 days. Haven’t I booked for your delivery package at the hospital? I am all set in advance” I replied.

“Okay then, I don’t want to fight with you. Keep these clothes wherever you want.” she replied with great displeasure.

The ill timed disciplined persona of mine prompted to immediately take all these miniature bright coloured clothes and stove them into Rajalakshmi’s wardrobe, the one which I never checked since ages. In a jiffy, I opened one of the common wardrobe doors and stuffed all of them in one of the racks only to stumble upon our wedding clothes (including My Wedding reception suit placed along side a bright and shiny bridal wear which my wife Rajalakshmi wore on the day of our marriage). I quickly realized that they were laid very close to them, which made me to deeply ponder that my kid too would not stay with me forever, but grow up, get married and settle with the man or the woman of their dreams.

This realization finally dawned onto me, prompting me to take away all my clothing collection from the topmost section of my wardrobe. I then placed all the baby clothes, right into the center and closely watched with great expectations, that an expectant father would have for his children. It was a true bliss… Indeed! 

“Gopalachari, what’s happening? Come downstairs, I am having labor pains. We need to go to the Hospital” screamed Rajalakshmi.

I rushed down taking the delivery bag towards the parking bay, and settled Rajalakshmi in my car, who was now having labor pains.

Despite the frequent pains, she eagerly asked me, what I did with the baby clothes.

“They are placed in the wardrobe rack, where it rightfully belongs!” I replied.

I am sure, she might have thought that I had stuffed it in her wardrobe. She kept cribbing and cursing all along the way to the hospital on my carelessness and indifference.

But, I enjoyed her loving tantrums, while I imaginatively soaked myself in the absolute bliss of the surprise that Rajalakshmi may have once she opens my wardrobe after coming back home with our cute bundle of joy. 

And finally, the big day arrived. I was blessed with a cutie pie daughter. Hmmm, I cannot wait anymore to be a doting father of my cute little baby girl !!

2 responses to “Bundled Clothes for our Bundle of Joy”

  1. Well, its greatest pleasure to a daughter to spend her life having fun with her dad…. But it’s both painful and an adventure to begin her life with another man …. She is expectant about this another man to have qualities like her father…. But Dad cannot be seen in anyone else. If you are having a daughter, you are lucky that you are gonna have your lifetime best friend who always comes back to you no matter what. That’s what daughters are for . And ….. I go back to my Dad always cuz I know he’s there for me. That’s what Dad is for. Congratulations you are going to be the Dad of your beautiful daughter…. You’re in for the treat of your life. I’m happy I am gonna get a niece I can pamper for life 😂

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    1. Thanks for reading the post dear Manasa


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