“Will get back to you” The most (un)professional sentence of the corporate world !

Now that you know that the sentence is dreaded, I will explain on why is it so through some classic scenario based examples!

Scenario 1

Our CV is prepared with great effort and attention to detail. All latest designs and choicest of words are used in developing it. Few of us have also employed professional CV writers to add that extra spice and spruce it up for enhancing the visibility of the employers.

The profile gets listed, an interview telecall is scheduled. After the call “Will get back to you”, we hear. But do they get back to us? Not really!

Scenario 2

Most of us in the formative professional years, have attended interviews. The interview goes on as per our expectations, with lots of smiles and bon homies. The HR then says “Will get back to you”

But, do they actually come back? Many a times the answer is an emphatic NO!

Scenario 3

A unique offering is made to the prospective client, with an outstanding value proposition. Client seems to be ecstatic and goes overboard. The willingness of the client immediately withers when the ballpark costs are shared.

The client says “Will get back to you”.

Well, the problem of the corporate is that we turned so diplomatic that we can’t say no? Are these the signs of bureaucracy in the corporate world?

Perhaps on hearing these words, we are now left to jog our imagination, so as to find out what could be the possibilities (in no order) from the ones listed below:

  • It is a not so pleasant news
  • Chuck it! It will never happen
  • Either or both of you is an idiot
  • You are rejected
  • Your value proposition sucks!
  • The person/client has better things to do in life
  • You/client is wasting precious time
  • You are doomed/marooned
  • It is a bad omen

This list can go on and on. In fact, i believe that If you intentionally fall from a high rise building, there are more chances for you to survive than when the person actually getting back, when he/she says so!

But hey, there’s a brighter side to it too. Didn’t hear this sentence in your critical assignment? You are then, the luckiest man on the earth for the day, so please go and reward yourself!

So the next time you hear it, please read it as “Will (no more) get back to you”

These instances might sound very familiar to the readers. How many of you agree? Please share your comments with me.

One response to ““Will get back to you” The most (un)professional sentence of the corporate world !”

  1. I will get back to you.,,,,,,,YES,,,
    The most lousy sentence of corporate world……SCAPEGOAT.
    Pretending to be neglected.


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